This is me Melly, communication design student, photographer & world traveler. Beside my studies I dedicate a lot of time and heart to photography. I prefer to capture the love stories of wonderful people. The time that I have in addition to my studies and photography, I prefer to spend with my horse, my family, my friends or somewhere else in the world. If you want, I'll tell you more about me and my work. I'm glad to hear from you.



My horse, spending time with my family and my friends, cats, travel, photography, good food, hot chocolate, hot sea buckthorn juice, autumn, rock climbing, hiking, roadtrips, New Zealand, Australia, to be in the nature, printet pictures, love stories and movies.

currently in Germany

Travel Dates


01 | Germany

02 | Iceland

03 | Iceland, South Africa

04 | Andalusia

05 | Germany

06 | Germany

07 | Germany

08 | Germany

09 | France, Spain, Portugal

10 | France, Spain, Portugal

11 | Dubai

12 | Germany


02 - 05 | Australia